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Get Started With As Few As 50 Rounds A Month
Select from 50, 100, 250, 500 or 1000 round options for .223 and 9mm
Save with $9.95 Flat-Rate Shipping via FedEx up to 1K Rounds
$9.95 for up to 1000 rounds, $19.90 for up to 2000 rounds, and so on.
Club Members Get Priority During Ammo Shortages
Don't get caught short. Club members take precedence during any ammo shortage.
Receive Non-Published Member-Only Deals
Twice a month you'll receive special member-only deals on ammo, gear and firearms.
Build Up Your Stockpile
Good for a zombie apocalypse, hunting, defense or bartering.
Ammo Ships Automatically Each Month
Shipments go out monthly. No hassles, ammo just shows up at your door.
Free Ammo Can With 500 and 1000 Round Options
Select the 500 or 1000 round option, or a PMAG kit, and get a free ammo can.
(Does not apply to Prepper Packs)
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Most Popular Item: 100-Round Ammo Packs
9mm 115gr FMJ
9mm 147gr Subsonic
9mm Prepper Pack
.223 55gr FMJ
.223 Loaded PMAG Kits
.223 Prepper Pack
.22 LR

You need to get in on this limited-time offer. It's Free (normal $29 membership fee is being waived for a limited time) and Easy to sign up - just fill out this one-page form and you're a member of this Exclusive club! Get in the front of the line when ammo shortages hit. Because we all know that a firearm without ammo is just an expensive hammer. Our remanufactured ammo is backed by our 5000% Brass-Clad Guarantee. Compare to other manufacturers and you will see that AngelFire ammuntion has the Best Guarantee in the industry!
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The Ammo Club for Patriots (the Club) is a subscription service offered by AngelFire. You can cancel or change your subscription at any time. By signing up for the Club you are certifying that no state, local or federal laws prohibit you from personally possessing ammunition, and that you are following all laws governing your location for the purchase and possession of ammunition. You are also certifying that you are of proper age to purchase, possess and use rifle ammunition and/or pistol ammunition. Shipments are subject to availability and may be canceled if supply is depleted. Because ammunition is a commodity, prices may vary based on cost of components. If there is ever a price increase on your monthly subscription we will contact you and you will have the option of selecting no shipment for that month. AngelFire is the manufacturer and provider of the ammunition for the Club. Subscription processing and shipping services are fulfilled by Patriot Outfitters LLC. You are authorizing Patriot Outfitters LLC to charge your credit card on an ongoing basis for your subscription.
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