AngelFire Remanufactured Ammunition

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Dear Patriots,

AngelFire Ammunition is happy to announce that effective August 1, 2017, we will be an independent company from Patriot Outfitters Guns.

All AngelFire business activities will transition from Patriot Outfitters Guns to AngelFire Ammunition. For the past year, Patriot Outfitters Guns has been managing the Ammo Club for Patriots. That program will cease to exist at the end of August and those subscribers who receive monthly shipments will receive one more shipment in August.

Keep an eye on your email for upcoming announcements about our new subscription model. We are excited to be an independent company and we promise to continue to provide you with unrivaled customer service, the highest quality factory remanufactured ammunition, the best guarantee in the industry, and the backing of great shooters in the USA like Rob Pincus and Dustin Ellermann.

We appreciate your patience during our transition.
Stay tuned for new and exciting offers!

Questions about AngelFire or the Ammo Club for Patriots?
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